Gewehr 41/43


G41 Mauser Version: 6,673 produced 1941


The Mauser design, the G41(M), failed. Only 6,673 were produced before production was halted, and of these, 1,673 were returned as unusable. Most metal parts on this rifle were machined steel and some rifles, especially later examples, utilized the Bakelite type plastic handguards.

Both the G41 (Mauser) and G41 (Walther) models, due to the requirement of not tapping the barrel to operate the gas system, used a mechanism known as the “Bang” system (after its Danish designer Søren H. Bang). In this system, gases from the bullet were trapped near the muzzle in a ring-shaped cone, which in turn pulled on a long piston that opened the breech and re-loaded the gun. This system is in contrast to the more common type of gas-operated system, in which gasses are tapped off from the barrel, and push back on a piston to open the breech to the rear. These rifles suffered from gas system fouling problems. These problems seemed to stem from the overly complex muzzle trap system becoming excessively corroded from the use of corrosive salts in the ammunition primers, and carbon fouling. The muzzle assembly consisted of many fine parts and was difficult to keep clean, disassemble, and maintain in field conditions.

The rifle was redesigned in 1943 into the Gewehr 43, utilizing a gas system somewhat similar to that on the SVT-40 and a detachable magazine.

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G41 Walther Version: 40,000-145,000 produced 1941-1943


The Walther design was more successful than the G41(M) because the designers had simply ignored the last two restrictions of the original requirements – 1) the rifles were not to have any moving parts on the surface and 2) in case the auto-loading mechanism failed, a bolt action was to be included.

The rifle was redesigned in 1943 into the Gewehr 43, utilizing a gas system somewhat similar to that on the SVT-40 and a detachable magazine.


G43: 402,713 produced 1943-1945


The simpler, sturdier design and mechanism of the G43 made it lighter, easier to produce, more reliable and also much tougher than the Gewehr 41; elite German mountain troops would use them as ladder rungs during climbing. The addition of a 10-round detachable box magazine was an improvement over the fixed box magazine of the G41. The G43 was replaced by the K43 in 1944 by. The K43 was identical to the G43 in every way except for the letter stamped on the side.



G/K43 Schematic
G/K43 Schematic

1 Handschutz
2 Laufmutter
3 Kornschutz
4 Korn
5 Schloß (EWB) leer
6 Verriegelungsstütze rechts
7 Verriegelungsstütze
8 Auszieherkralle neu
9 Auszieherfeder
10 Auszieherstift
11 Schlagbolzengehäuse leer
12 Arretierungsbolzen
13 Schlagbolzen
14 Schlagbolzendruckstück
15 Vorholfeder vorne
16 Vorholfederstange
17 Bolzen f. Führungsstange
18 Halteplatte
19 Vorholfeder hinten
20 Feststellklinke
21 Druckstück
22 Feder
23 Spindel
24 Spannschieber leer
25 Verschlußdeckel
26 Schloßgehäuse ab
27 Federring
28 Sicherung
29 Arretierungsbolzen
30 Feder
31 Auswerferbolzen
32 Federgehäuse
33 Auswerfer
34 Gasgestängefeder
35 hinteres Gasgestänge
36 Verbindungsstange
37 Gaskolbenenhülse
38 Gaskolben
39 Magazine hier klicken
40 Magazinhalter
41 Magazinhalterfeder
42 Magazinhalterbolzen
43 Hahnfeder
44 Hahnfederbolzen
45 Distanzscheiben je
46 Hahn
47 Abzugstangenbolzen
48 Distanzrollen
49 Abzugstange
50 Abzugfeder
51 Distanzrollen für Abzug
52 Abzug
53 Abzugbolzen
54 Schraube
55 Lauf (EWB) ab
56 Putzstock
57 Oberring
57a Oberringhaltefeder
58 Schaft ab
59 Abzugbügel
60 Systemhalteschrauben
61 Kornsockel
62 Laufringf. Gaszylinder
63 Visierfeder
64 Visierkurvenschiene
65 Visier mit Schieber
66 System leer ab
67 Schaftschraube
68 Schaftkappe neu
69 Rear Sight (complete)
70 Dust Cover

Abzug trigger
Abzugsbügel triggerguard
Abzugfeder trigger spring
Abzuggabel trigger sear-fork
Abzuggabelstift sear pin
Abzugstift trigger pin
Angel tang
Aufstellbügel piling swivel
ausfüttern to bush
ausgefüttert bushed
Auswerfer ejector
Auswerferfeder ejector spring
Auszieher extractor
Auszierherring extractor collar
Bajonett bayonet
Balkenkorn blade foresight
Beschuss proof
Beschussamt proof house
Blei lead
Boden magazine floorplate
Dille socket
Dioptervisierung aperture sight
Draht wire
Drall twist
Druckbolzen pressure pin
Drücker rear sight slide bar lock
Einstecklauf aiming tube
Einsteckpatrone conveyor cartridge
Eisen iron
Entladestock clearing rod
Fabrik factory
Feder spring
Feder zum Druckbolzen bolt sleeve lock spring
Feder zum Haltestitt floorplate catch spring
Feder zum Zubringer magazine spring
Feuerdämpfer flash eliminator
Feuerwaffe gun
Gewehr rifle
Gewehrriemen sling
Griff grip
Griffschale grip
Grosskaliber full bore
Handschutz handguard
Halteschaft floorplate catch
Halteschraube rear sight base screw
Halteschraube für die Kreuzschraube rear lock screw
Halteschraube für die Verbindungsschraube front lock screw
Haltestück rear sling keeper
hartlöten to braze
Hersteller manufacturer
Hinterlader breech loader
Holzschraube buttplate screws
Hülse receiver
Kammer bolt
Kammerstengel bolt handle
Kammerverschluss bolt action
Karabiner carbine
Kasten triggerguard
Kimme rear sight
Kleinkaliber small bore
Klemmstück sling adjustment pin
Klinge blade
Knauf pommel
Knöchelbogen knuckle guard
Kolben butt
Kolbenkappe buttplate
Kolbenkappe mit hochgezogen Rand cupped buttplate
Korn front sight
Kornhalter front sight base
Kornhalterschraube front sight screw
Kornschutz front sight hood
Kreuzschraube rear triggerguard screw
Kupfer copper
Kurvenstück rear sight guide
laden to load
Ladestock rod
Ladestreifen charger, clip
Lauf barrel
Laufinneres bore
Leder leather
löten to solder
Magazin magazine
Magazinlösehebel magazine catch
Magazinzubringer magazin platform
Messing brass
Mundblech mouthpiece
Munition ammunition
Mutter nut
Mündung muzzle
Mündungskappe muzzle cap
Mündungsschoner front sight protector
Nickel nickel
Niete rivet
Oberring upper band
Ortblech chape
Parierstange crossguard
Parierstangenhaken quillon
Parierstangenring muzzle ring
Patrone cartridge
Patronenhülse cartridge case, case
Patronenlager chamber
Pistolengriff pistol grip
Platte und bolt disassembly disc
Platzpatrone blank
Putzstock cleaning rod
Randpatrone rimmed cartridge
Riemen sling
Riemenbügel swivel
Riffelung, Fischhaut ckeckering
Ring band
Ringfeder band spring
Röhrchen triggerguard screw tube
Röhrchen (zur Platte) bolt disassembly tube
Schaft stock
Schaftsockel butt socket
Schalldämpfer silencer
Scharfschütze sniper
Schaft stock
Scheibe disc
Scheide scabbard, sheath
Schlagbolzen firing pin
Schlagbolzenfeder mainspring
Schlagbolzenmutter cocking piece
Schlaufe sling loop
Schlösschen bolt sleeve
Schlosshalter bolt stop
Schlosshalterfeder bolt stop spring
Schlosshalterschraube bolt stop screw
schmieden to forge
Schneide edge
Schraube screw
Schraubenfeder zum Drücker rear sight slide bar lock spring
Schutzplatte (Gew. 33/40) stock plate
Schwarzpulver blackpowder
schweissen to weld
Seitengewehrhalter bayonet mount
Sicherung safety
Sicherungsstift rear sight leaf pin
Sicherungshebel safety catch
spannen to cock
Spannstück cocking piece
Spiralfeder coil spring
Stahl steel
Staubschutzdeckel bolt dustcover
Stift zum Haltestift floorplate catch pin
Stock cleaning rod
Stockhalter cleaning rod holder
System action
Treibladung charge
Unterlegscheibe washer
Unterring lower band
Verbindungsschraube front triggerguard screw
Verriegelungswarze locking lug
Verschluss breech
Verschlussgehäuse receiver
Verschlusskopf bolt head
Visierfeder rear sight spring
Visierfuss rear sight base
Visierklappe rear sight leaf
Visierschieber rear sight slide bar
Visierung sighting
Vorderschaft fore-end
Waffenkammer armoury
Waffenwart armourer
Werkzeug tool, tools
Zapfenlager recoil crossbolt
Zielfernrohr telescope
Zielfernrohrmontage telescope mount
Zubringer magazine follower
Zug, Züge rifling
Zündhütchen prime


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